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This is the FIRST attempt to start a Forum for women who own, sail, work on or are otherwise engaged to a wooden boat in their lives. I'll post this and see if it works for the woman who wrote yesterday, as a new owner of a 1962 Atkins schooner in San Francisco. She and her husband just bought the boat and she's starting to learn about sailing and wooden boats. Seeking good connections for learning. If you've got suggestions in the Bay area or from your own experience, try to post here and if that doesn't work, email the information via Contact Us link to the left. I will forward the info to her.
November 24, 2008 | Registered CommenterKaci Cronkhite

My name is William, and >I´m a friend of Svend Erik. He sendt me your blog, and I must say, most inspiring.

I am owned by my Hansen spidsgatter, 30 squaremeter, the same as ypour, and she is from 1936 or 37. Svedn Erik and I sailed her to Sckt. Petersborg in the 1980´s, I have had her to Oslo, and of cause, all round Denmark and the south of Sweeden.

It turned out that the sweet little boat was more sik, than one would belive, just looking at her. Major structual parts var hard en looked fresh from the outside, but xar pure root ind under a cuple of centimeters, nails was deteriorated, wood around the nails was damaged by electrical galvation... I don´t know how you spel it in english.

So after some years.... 50 meters new planks and all the major structural mebers changed, she is on the water again....

I have replaced the two grinds from the roof back to the helmans place... and made the rig more simpel.... downscaled hardware to bloxks ... and she is easy to sail singelhanded.

There are some pictures of her... Mette.... on Svend Eriks blog on woodenboats, and maybe I´l make a blok for my selv...

Well... I´m looking forward to follow your adventures... and by the way.... in Copenhagen there is a wonams sailingclub: Kvindelige sejlforening.... actualli in Svandmøllen. But they are not on woodenboats...., just small modern easy- sailing butiful things.

Best wishis.... william

July 5, 2009 | Unregistered Commenterwilliam thomassen